Trust Pharmacy Review – Deserving Consumer Respect Due To Its Excellent Performance

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Trust Pharmacy Review – Deserving Consumer Respect Due To Its Excellent Performance
Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

Trust Pharmacy is what we call as an online pharmacy network. Online pharmacy networks like Trust Pharmacy are a collection of websites from one company—they look exactly the same and have the same products to offer but differ in terms of their web addresses for some reason. Although enough to scare the consumers, online pharmacy networks are nothing to be afraid of since they are licensed by the corresponding authorities.

However, there are perils related to the use of online pharmacy networks—even if the stores are usually benign and helpful, scammers on the internet abound and some of them with the intention of replicating the existing pharmacy networks. Scammers copy online drugstore networks and pose the fake sites as the real ones, allowing gullible consumers to fall trap to their website con. For this, buyers are advised to be less naïve and scrutinize the shops they intend to use so they won’t end up losing to scam operators.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Testimonials are rather important to web drugstores and are excellent markers of service, that’s why we sought reviews for Trust Pharmacy stores online. It is rather fortunate for us to encounter a few buyer reviews for the Trust Pharmacy e-shops and unexpectedly, the reviews were encouraging and refreshing to read.

Trust Pharmacy Buyer Comments
Trust Pharmacy Buyer Comments

One buyer had the liberty of expressing herself well and mentioned that he appreciated one Trust Pharmacy store’s service. He emphasized that the store he went to offered “courteous service” which he found lacking at most online drugstores. The user also admired the shop’s effective products and also noted the store’s efficient service.

Like the first customer, another buyer also mentioned her pleasure at the store’s fast delivery for the products. Because of this, the client aired her intent of reordering from the website in the near future.

The last client also mentioned that his order arrived earlier than anticipated and according to him, the delivery was not the only thing commendable on the shop—according to him, the products on the store also functioned excellently. According to his own words, he was “100% satisfied”—nothing could have conveyed his pleasure better than this statement.

Trust Pharmacy Online

The Trust Pharmacy network had a few online pharmacies under its belt and since the stores were very much alike in demeanor and content, taking into account one is somewhat equivalent to looking at all the other web drugstores. Common to the Trust Pharmacy stores is their honest and unassuming façade, with merely the products to boast about. There were no imposing graphics or animations to persuade the buyers to purchase—just the low prices and the straightforward information for the products and the order process.

Trust Pharmacy Website
Trust Pharmacy Website

Customers are informed by the sites that the Trust Pharmacy network began its service in 2001, which indicates a lengthy service on Trust Pharmacy’s end. According to the stores, they were able to service a million of clients during the past years. Good reviews attest to this attachment of consumers to the Trust Pharmacy shops and the store’s low prices make it easy for us to believe that Trust Pharmacy was indeed popular amongst the consumers.

Buyers can purchase all their medicines at Trust Pharmacy stores since the shops are able to offer such good deals for their consumers. Patients can purchase their medicines at 70% lower prices than the local drugstores, which mean more value for the consumers’ money when they shop at Trust Pharmacy sites.

According to Trust Pharmacy stores, patients can purchase their products from them even without providing the necessary prescription. The stores, however, encourage the consumers to consider asking their doctors about their medical condition first so they won’t end up taking far too less or more than the dose they are supposed to take.

Medicines such as the following are available at Trust Pharmacy stores:

  • Zithromax: $0.40 per tablet
  • Zoloft: $0.28 per tablet
  • Tadapox: $1.08 per tablet
  • Xenical: $0.79 per tablet
  • Viagra: $0.27 per tablet
  • Cipro: $0.22

Apart from the medicines mentioned above, there are far more other medicines available at Trust Pharmacy shops.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Since buyers quite like it when stores offer deals and other ways to slash off medicine costs, we’ve taken the liberty to search for available coupon codes or other deals at Trust Pharmacy web drugstores. We found this coupon on the web:

Trust Pharmacy Shop Coupon
Trust Pharmacy Shop Coupon

Customers can use the code UC-2368 during checkout to avail of 10% discount on top of their purchases. Buyers do not have to purchase a certain amount to be able to qualify for the use of this coupon code.

Besides this, consumers can also enjoy free shipping and another 10% off their purchases if they purchase at least $200 from any Trust Pharmacy store. As a thank-you, Trust Pharmacy shops also send their consumers complimentary products.

Trust Pharmacy Phone Numbers

Buyers with the need to communicate with Trust Pharmacy support team can, by all means, use the phone numbers supplied on the website. The customer support team is reachable most of the time, although clients may find it essential to take note of the stores’ business hours. The phone numbers are posted on the Trust Pharmacy website for the consumers’ reference: in the the USA, it is +1-718-487-9792, and in the UK +4-420-3239-7092.

Trust Pharmacy Spam and Phone Calls

Spam emails and unsolicited phone calls are not associated with Trust Pharmacy, which makes the network pharmacy even more desirable to use. The worst comments for the Trust Pharmacy network, through the years, involved only a small amount of bickering from buyers with delayed orders—buyers who were eventually able to receive their items unscathed.


Trust Pharmacy stores are deserving of the consumer respect due to their excellent performance in the past years. Although they are safe to use and are deserving of a 5/5 point score, buyers should also be keen on identifying stores that are maybe replicating legitimate Trust Pharmacy stores. To be sure that the Trust Pharmacy you’re using is safe, refer to our list of TOP Web Drugstores.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

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