Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – Pharmacy Network with Cheap but Quality Drugs

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Canadian Health and Care Mall Review – Pharmacy Network with Cheap but Quality Drugs

Canadian Health and Care Mall is a pharmacy network that has been rendering its services online to a large number of people. This network is one of the easiest to use. When we tried checking out some of the meds, we expected that the network would prompt us to sign up for an account like most online pharmacies usually do. However, to our surprise, the pharmacy network never requested us to register. The store network which has a modest look was established back in 2003. This means that Canadian Health and Care Mall has been offering its services for a period that does not go below 15 years.

When we searched online, we managed to locate various websites which had the title Canadian Health and Care Mall on them. Some of these websites looked different while others had the same exact view. Given that this is a pharmacy that has managed to gain popularity, scammers might use its name to steal from you. This is why we recommend the use of only verified domain addresses when trying to access online pharmacy networks.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Reviews

We searched online to look for what the consumers who had already ordered their meds from Canadian Health and Care Mall had to say. We located a large number of reviews and the majority of these were positive. To serve as proof, read the following 2 reviews we have here:

Canadian Health and Care Mall User Testimonials
Canadian Health and Care Mall User Testimonials

The first reviewer clearly states that he will be ordering again from the Canadian Health and Care Mall drugstore network. He indicates it took some time before he could locate a Canadian pharmacy he could rely on. He was recommended to the pharmacy network luckily. He says he does not think there is any other Erectile Dysfunction sufferer who is happier than him. The store offers him different types of ED drugs. He likes that he has options to choose from.

Piter used to purchase Viagra at the local store and it was not a good experience for him. He had to stand in line and he felt intimidated. He decided to find another way to find his meds. His friend recommended Canadian Health and Care Mall to him. He tried the service this pharmacy was offering and he was satisfied. His meds were delivered to his door without having to incur any extra money.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Online

This pharmacy network offers a variety of medications. These include Anti-Allergic, Antibiotics, Antidepressants, antidiabetic meds, Anti-viral meds, cholesterol meds, cancer meds and more. locating these meds is not too hard. The sites have incorporated a search function where the buyer needs to type in the name of the medication that he or she is looking for and then hit enter. The results will be displayed immediately for the buyer to choose from. The pharmacy network sites have a modern look. Here is how one of the sites looks like:

Canadian Health and Care Mall Homepage
Canadian Health and Care Mall Homepage

The online drugstore network is largely focused on selling generic drugs. The meds they sell usually have the right active ingredient. This has been proven by the reviews available. No one indicates that he or she bought some meds and they did not have the effect they were looking for.

As we have noted, purchasing meds using the Canadian Health and Care Mall network is quite easy. The payments can be made using Mastercard, American Express, eCheck, and Bitcoin. The checkout page is secured using the 256-bit security protocol. This keeps all the information you enter safe from hackers. There are two shipping methods to choose from. These are Regular Airmail and Express Courier. The regular shipping will take 10 to 21 days on average while the Express courier takes 8 to 14 days. The Express Courier is limited for use by people who reside in the united states. This pharmacy network only focuses on distributing meds which have been approved by the FDA.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Coupon Codes

This pharmacy network did not have a large number of coupon codes. However, we managed to locate a single coupon code on their official site. The coupon is CANADAHEALTH. The code is only valid for generic medications. Other offers available included free pills with every order you make and free shipping when you purchased meds which are worth more than 150 dollars.

Canadian Health and Care Mall Phone Numbers

After checking the various sites that had the title Canadian Health and Care Mall on them, we noticed that some did not have a phone number on them. However, all these sites had a contact page where you could type in your message and details and send an email. The pharmacy network indicated they would reply within a period of 24 hours. They had two emails addresses. The first one for support is [email protected] and the other one for questions related to discounts and coupons is [email protected]

Canadian Health and Care Mall Spam and Phone Calls

After going through all the comments present on the web related to Canadian Health and Care Mall, we have noticed that this is a drugstore network which is very responsible. We have not come across numerous comments for this drugstore network that could point out that it spams its customers. This is a good sign because buyers can now be sure that they will get the services they require, get their meds delivered to them on time and have no worries about being called in the middle of the night by people looking to force them to order again from the pharmacy network. Not unless the drugstore network is communicating something very important to you, they will never send emails.


Based on the positive comments that the Canadian Health and Care Mall pharmacy network has managed to gather for itself, we have to rate it 5 stars. The stores appear to be offering great products, delivering them on time and not overcharging their customers. This is a drugstore network you can trust.

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